“Both/And,” not “Either/or”

Dr. Kevin M. Backus

In our lives together (politics) there are liberals and conservatives.  Not all conservatives, however, are the same.  Often a distinction is made between fiscal conservatives and social conservatives.  All conservatives say that they are committed to small government and a conservative approach to finances. But some subscribe to the notion – that this can be achieved without a commitment to conservative moral values.

The Conservative Party exists because we do not believe that to be true.  To those who say that Conservatives should set social issues aside and stress only economic issues, I would suggest that is an impossible position!

Economic issues, of course, are urgent in New York State.  Economic problems are urgent, but social problems remain urgent in a way that blurs the distinction between social and economic issues.  Rep. Pence of Indiana recently noted that “you would not be able to print enough money in a thousand years to pay for the government you would need if the traditional
family continues to collapse.”

Our Party is committed to social and fiscally conservative policies. That is a unique position in modern day politics.

We hope you’ll find this website to be an helpful introduction and a useful means to stay up with key issues in both arenas and we encourage you to become involved.

Dr. Kevin M. Backus,
Grand Island Conservative Party

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