Lorigo throws hat in Conservative ring

Erie County Conservative Party chairman Ralph Lorigo has become a Conservative Party candidate for  governor of New York, and visited a meeting of the Grand Island Conservative Party recently to lay out the differences between himself and Rick Lazio, his opponent in the Sept. 14 primary election.

Lorigo says the election is about more than deciding the Conservative nominee in the general election; it is about the basic principles of the Conservative Party and its existence as a major party in New York State politics.

“The current state Conservative Party leadership has betrayed rank and file Conservative Party members by nominating an unabashed supporter of abortion who would take away our guns and make us pay for his fat Wall
Street bonus with our tax dollars – that is Rick Lazio,” Lorigo said.  “Bill Buckley would be rolling over in his grave.”

“The Conservative Party was formed to push the New York Republican
Party of Nelson Rockefeller, Jacob Javits, and John Lindsay to the right. Now the New York Republican Party is pushing the Conservative Party to the left. Rick Lazio is not one of us and does not share our Conservative values.

“Per New York State election law, in order to qualify for an automatic ballot line, a party must win 50,000 votes in the gubernatorial election every four years.  “Rick Lazio cannot defeat Andrew Cuomo and will not win 50,000 votes on the Conservative Party line because there is no good reason for Conservative voters to vote for him,” says Lorigo.

Lorigo is a life-long Conservative Party member, an attorney, and resident of West Seneca.

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