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Conservative Party Files Lawsuit to Challenge Commission’s Authority to Change State Law

July 23, 2019

Brooklyn, NY – The NYS Conservative Party filed a lawsuit on Monday in NYS Supreme Court to prevent the Commission on Public Finance from changing and/or abridging NYS Election Laws as to Fusion Voting. The Conservative Party maintains that this authority rests solely with the NYS Legislature and that the rights of Fusion Voting and cross endorsement are settled law protected by numerous court decisions.

The Conservative Party believes that the Governor cynically aimed to eliminate Fusion Voting in New York State by submitting through the State Budget his creation of a Financing Commission. The Governor and the Legislature overstepped their authority by delegating to this Financing Commission changing or abridging established Election Law and court decisions the Commission has no standing to rewrite.

By permitting the Commission to create laws that interfere with New York’s constitutionally protected right to Fusion Voting, unconstitutionally violates decisions from New York’s highest court as recently as 1973 guaranteeing the rights of Fusion Voting and cross endorsement. Additionally, through legal precedent dating back to the founding of our State, the right to change an enacted law is restricted to the body or higher body that created the law.

Conservative Party State Chairman Jerry Kassar said  “I believe this is no more than a power grab by the Governor and Democratic Party to consolidate their control and punish another political party. It is against the interests of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who each year choose to vote for cross endorsed candidates on third party lines. “


Conservative Leadership Celebration

The Grand Island Conservatives presents

Conservative Leadership

Angela Wozniak
NY State Assemblywoman, 143rd District
New York’s State’s Highest Ranking Elected Conservative

Joseph C. Lorigo
Legislator, 10th District
Erie County Legislature, Majority Leader

Thursday, February 5th , 2015
5pm – 9pm
Elldens Grill

(at the River Oaks Golf Club)

201 Whitehaven Rd (at E. River)
Grand Island, NY 14072

at the door

Checks to: Conservative Committee of Grand Island
Donations: Grand Island Conservative Committee, P.O. Box 76, Grand Island, NY 14072

GUN RAFFLE   $10/Chance

Henry 22 Erie County Commemorative Limited Edition
– Mossberg Tactical Shotgun 18.5” barrel w/pistol grip
Ruger 223 Bolt Action

Destination Fundraiser!

Come to the first Annual Grand Island Conservative Committee Destination Fundraiser

Sept 12, 2013 5:30-7:30

On the USS Little Rock – Buffalo Naval and Serviceman’s Park
Canalside, Buffalo, NY

Beer, Wine, Food, Raffles

Donation $50 – $85/couple – $25 Committeeman rate

Check can be made out to The Conservative Committee of Grand Island.

Check can be mailed to:
Conservative Committee of Grand Island
P.O. Box 76
Grand Island, NY 14072

The Right to Bear Arms Debate – Round 2

The Grand Island Conservative Committee invites you to attend
Round 2:

“The Right To Bear Arms Debate”

Budd Schroeder, Chairman of SCOPE
(Shooters’ Committee On Political Education)


Steve Pigeon
(Former Democratic Party Chairman)

Moderated by Kristy Mazurek from WGRZ’s “2-sides”
Special Guest: Sheriff Tim Howard

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

7pm – 9pm

Holiday Inn – Grand Island
100 Whitehaven Rd (at E. River)
Grand Island, NY 14072

Conservative Party Endorses Chris Aronica

Chris Aronica and Chairman Kevin Backus

At a recent meeting of the Grand Island Conservative Party, committee members interviewed and endorsed Chris Aronica as candidate for councilman of the Grand Island Town Board. Chris was appointed to the Town Board at the January 17, 2012 Town Board meeting to fill Supervisor Mary Cooke’s seat. A special election will be held in November for the council seat. Chris is a registered Conservative.

Conservative Party Fundraiser


Guest speaker:
Assemblyman Robin Schimminger
140th District

Thursday, February 9th, 2012
6:00pm – 9:00pm

The Buffalo Launch Club
503 East River Road
Grand Island, NY 14072

$40 prepaid / $50 at the door
$100 Silver Level Sponsorship*
$250 Gold Level Sponsorship*
(*Sponsorships posted in evenings program)

Fundraiser to Elect Gary Roesch


Place: Buffalo Launch Club    503 East River Rd
Date: September 13, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM
Cost: $20 per person
Food: Appetizers, soft drinks, dessert and coffee
Bar: Cash
Entertainment: Don Burns at the piano

Hosted by: Committee to re-elect Gary G. Roesch, Councilman

Conscience, Careful Reflection, or Corruption?

At the outset of the last election Mark Grisanti and I had lunch.  As he was seeking my support for his election, I asked the candidate several questions.  At the top of that list was his position on same-sex marriage.  The position of Grisanti’s predecessor was that homosexual marriage was “. . . immoral, unethical, but should be legal.”

Mr. Grisanti clearly stated that, while he would vote for civil unions, I could be sure he would never vote for “anything that had the word ‘marriage’ in it.”  Mr. Grisanti committed himself, in the strongest terms possible, to people desiring a senator who would defend traditional marriage.

At that same lunch meeting I told the senator-to-be the same thing I tell all politicians with whom I work, “You don’t have to always agree with me; just don’t lie to me.”  A politician who lets their “yea” be “yea” and their “nay” be “nay” may be rare, but he is the kind of person I can respect.  Integrity and trustworthiness are key issues when you seek the support of people in the political process.

We supported Mr. Grisanti, and he called upon that help several times during the election.  I was there watching the vote come in when our Island put him over the top.  I was there in Albany to celebrate his inauguration.  I’ve spoken with the senator on this issue repeatedly since he took office.  I’ve been assured by him personally and been asked to assure others that he’d never vote for anything with the word “marriage” in it.  Mark committed himself to that position, even while saying publically he was studying the issue, was torn, and was undecided.  As recently as 11 days before the vote was taken, Mark was firm in this position.

So what happened?  Is this a matter of conscience?  Whenever the topic of marriage is brought up, the senator refers to his Catholic faith.  As a practicing Catholic, his moral code tells him his vote is wrong.  That must be the answer of conscience for any observant Catholic.

What happened, was it the result of careful reflection?  Mr. Grisanti says that his training as a lawyer caused him to vote “yes.”  Was the senator recently admitted to the bar?  Is he a novice in the legal profession, just getting his feet under him?  Of course not.  It’s not that we want people in Albany who are robots, unable to think for themselves.  It’s just that we want people who campaign to consider carefully the issues of the day.  Of course we want people who can think about the issues; it’s just that we want them to think about them before they go to Albany.  We want them to think about them carefully before they make promises, or they shouldn’t make them.

We want people who keep their word; it’s that simple.  Any senator clearly declaring his position and asking for our vote owes it to us to keep his word.  If he can no longer vote as he promised, he owes it to us to abstain until he comes home, declares his new position and seeks the will of the electorate to return him to office with a new mandate.  The main question people voice to me is simply, “How will we ever be able to trust anything else he says?”  It’s a matter of integrity.  People who know about those things keep asking me, “How much is your word worth?”  I guess we will just have to watch and see.  Quietly, the senator has suggested that the governor can be very helpful in his district.

Supposedly, this is a non-political position.  Polls, calls to party leaders looking for support, calculations from staff about campaign funding and redistricting might suggest otherwise.  But political corruption?  No!  That’s just how politics works.  It’s just that I thought our citizen-senator wasn’t a politician.  I guess that changed too!

– Dr. Kevin Backus